Proyect Totally Unreal

This page has been created as a guide to learn the basics of the game: Unreal Gold.

The guide will consist mainly of the points that will be mentioned below:

Unreal is a video game of first person shootings created by Epic MegaGames in 1998, its expansion, Return to Na Pali, was launched in 1999. It brings several game modes, such as: Campaign, Games against bots in different game modes ( DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, etc ...) and the most important: Online game, where there is a fairly extensive...

Image of the cooperative server: Zombie's Deadzone, where the monsters that you eliminate will give rise to the appearance of others (or you will even see the dangerous LethalTentacle or the Nali Child!)

3º Weapons


Here at this point you will find all the weapons and what they do:

4º Objects


In this section, the different objects and their description will be placed:

5º Enemies


Here I will put all the monsters of the game and their derivations, if there were any:



Link to the main community site in Unreal (Image)

Link to the DOG clan forum (Image)

 Link to the Unreal Wikia (Image) 

PD Thanks for the Unreal Gold Images :D

Link to the Website of Rubie (Image)

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