4º Objects


In this section, the different objects and their description will be placed:


1-Translator: device used to read written in languages ​​that the protagonist could not understand.

2-Flares: to be launched are activated and illuminate an area for a while.

3-Flashlight: a flashlight that when activated illuminates the area corresponding to the player's vision center. If its use is continued it must be recharged for a few seconds to be used again.

4-Nali fruit seed: to be released in some substrate, automatically grows a Nali plant whose fruits serve to recover energy points.

5-Amplifier: increases the power of the active weapon. It is especially useful with the dispersion gun, to the point of transforming it into a definitive weapon; although the firing speed decreases.

6-Force shield: when activated, a shield is generated that protects against frontal attacks, remaining fixed in the place where it has been activated.

7-Scuba Gear: provides oxygen for a certain time when used in aquatic environments.

8-Anti-acid suit: protects against corrosion in acid media.

9-Voice box: A box that generates shoots, but has no use.

10-Armor Belt: Generates an energy shield around the character giving it 100 armor points.

11-Assault vest: A vest that provides 100 armor, resistant to most attacks.

12-Invisibility object: An artifact that will make you invisible for a period of time, if the player attacks, it will be visible for a few seconds and then it will become invisible.


1-Camouflage device: It is an object that has the same use as its predecessor, only that it has the disadvantage that it makes "noise" and makes it partially invisible.

2-Asbestos suit: This is not often seen much, but it is a suit that protects from environments where there is lava or magma.

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