1º: Cooperative mode


Image of the cooperative server: Zombie's Deadzone, where the monsters that you eliminate will give rise to the appearance of others (or you will even see the dangerous LethalTentacle or the Nali Child!)

It is one of the main modes.

As it says, it's about cooperating (along with other online players), of achieving the different objectives or the goal of the map to play.

It should be noted that the weapons usually vary depending on the server, but usually the weapons of the original game are used.

The monsters can vary, from the original monsters to enemies created for a certain map in question.

There are also different easter modes both in the game and in certain servers ... So I encourage you to discover them!

In image: All the elements that you can obtain, from protections to healing objects.

In image: The weapons of the game (The original weapons and Expansion weapons included).

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