5º Enemies


Here I will put all the monsters of the game and their derivations, if there were any:


1-Lesser Brute: This beast has shoulder pads, pants and yellow ammunition clips that cover his brown skin. They are very powerful extraterrestrials armed with double rocket launchers. When he manages to get close, he starts running and charging against the character.

2-Brutes: The brutes are giant creatures used by the skaarj. Usan launches hand-held missiles, holding one in each hand. A long distance, a Brutus fires his missiles in 3 different ways: one is to shoot them one after the other, another way is to hold a single missile "gangsta style" and shoot it quickly, and the third one for them: to use missile launchers is to lift and shoot the weapons at an extremely high speed.

3-Behemoth: it is the strongest and largest of the Brute class, and can easily be recognized by its complete set of blue armor. However, these Brutes are very rare: there are only 2 of them in Unreal, and they fight alongside Krall and Skaarj in Dasa Pass.

4-Skaarj: (It should be noted that there are many variants of Skaarj, one that is more "natural" and the other with human weapons), the most important are the Scout, who are Skaarj of recognition, the Assassins who are murderers of the Skaarj to protect certain areas, the Lord, who are protectors of the Mother Ship, the Berserkers who are very strong but go hand-to-hand, and the Queen, who is Queen Skaarj. The rest are minor. The skaarj are the main enemy of the game.

5-Mercenarys: There are 2 types, normal and elite. Both are almost identical, only that the elite is blue, and more resistant.

6-Mantas: There are 2 types: Normal Mantas and Cave Mantas. The only difference is that while the normals are in all types of terrains, you can usually see them in caves.

7-Blobbet: They are a kind of bubbles, with a highly toxic structure.

8-DevilFish: The DevilFish is a small, aggressive fish. Its thin, long body, with its dark gray skin resembles something like a plant or a branch. Always nothing with his mouth open, and he is always hunting for prey.

9-Fly: These creatures are shaped like large dragonflies, with the tail of a scorpion, and run through small areas of Na Pali. The natives of the planet are aggressive against anyone but have difficulty moving to other places in the presence of other flying creatures such as Mantas.

10-Gasbag: There are two variants, one is normal and the other is Giant Gasbag. The difference is that the Giant, apart from having the same attack as normal, has the ability to generate normal Gasbag while attacking.

11-Titan: There are 2 variants: one is the normal Titan (which is already powerful in itself) and the other is the Stone Titan, with much more resistance and more damage. Both attack with the fist, throwing to the air to their rival, or throwing rocks, killing instantaneously.

12-Krall: There are 2 variants, the normal and the Elite (Same case as the mercenary). They have a cane with which they throw rays from afar. They are almost the same, but the Elite has another color (Blue, while its lower variant is brown). Also if both legs are torn, they will continue to fight in a limited way (crawling).

13-Tentacles: The tentacle is a creature native to the planet Na Pali. It consists of a base that is usually connected to a roof and three tentacles that protrude from the base. In the center of the three tentacles there is a red mouth to consume any prey that manages to kill or capture. The back of the base contains a large number of suckers to allow it to remain attached to the ceiling. The tentacle attempts to ambush its prey by remaining inactive until a creature is within its firing range.


1-Marines: These fierce space fighters are a great enemy to beat, armed with assault rifles and missile launchers most, are very aggressive and will not hesitate to kill you. Be careful.

2-Spiders: There are a couple of variants, the big version (like a mother of spiders) with more resistance and with the ability to generate small spiders, and the normal variant. They have a pattern of attack from far and near. From a distance they throw you a "bile" acid corrosive, and up close you will attack with your extremities.

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