History of Unreal

here will put the story on which this game is based: ¡(SPOILERS)!

The story begins when the ship that transports the protagonist, called Vortex Rikers coming from the Planet D.D.L-nqn was attacked by the Skaarj, warrior creatures by nature and quite aggressive. It is assumed that the ship Vortex Rikers should reach its destination: The prison of the Moon, but in the middle of the course, these creatures assaulted the ship, leaving many victims (although some survived), being you one of them. You identify yourself as the prisoner 849, the gender of this can be chosen, giving freedom to the player, but canonically is a woman and is called Gina.

Here are some anecdotes about why she was imprisoned in the Vortex Rikers Ship:

The reason for Prisoner 849's incarceration was never stated in any part of the game's story. However, the Unreal-Levels document revealed that 849 stole Inuit Corporation plans for a battlecruiser for 65,000 credits and murdered 14 security guards in the process. This ship was operated by humans from the same homeworld as the player. The ship is a survey ship owned by a billion-credit corporation, called Inuit Engineering Corporation. This company designs, builds, and operates starships for various purposes military and business. This is the same corporation that the player was apprehended at 4 weeks ago. She broke into the company's computer center and stole plans for a new battlecrusier the comapany had designed for the military. In the process of this 65,000 credit theft job she murdered 14 security personale and enjoyed it. She was captured red-handed and sentenced to death by long term torture on the moon prison of Kira. On route to this prison the prison transport crashed on the planet of Na-Pali

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