3º Weapons


Here at this point you will find all the weapons and what they do:


1-Dispersion Pistol:

It is the first weapon that we will find in the game, although at the beginning it does not count on too much power, it will be able to be raised by cores of said weapon, up to a total of 5 times.

-The first shoot: throws a beam, which can serve to illuminate dark areas, good option to find things in the dark.

-The second shoot: overloads the weapon up to 500%, throwing a beam that mortally wounds the opponent, can even hurt the owner of the shoot (the more power-ups he has, the greater the damage).


A conventional pistol, very precise with a total of 20 bullets for clip.

-The first shoot: it's like the shot of a normal gun

-The second shoot: the gun will be put sideways and shoot faster but less accurate, useful for trouble.


It's a kind of machine gun or sub-machine gun

- First shoot: Normal shot in machine gun mode.

-Second shoot: Throw 5 shots at a time, like a small burst.


It is a powerful energy weapon, one of the strongest in the game

- First shoot: Shoot an instant flash, it can seriously hurt the opponent.

-Second shoot: Throw a slow energy ball that can injure nearby characters (If you combine the second and the first shot in that order, it will create a powerful energetic blast, killing any nearby player).


launches heat-guided missiles or explosive grenades

-Primer shoot: Launches rockets, by keeping the firing button, will begin to load up to 6 rockets. Note: if the 2nd shoot is added, shoot centered instead of linear.

-Second shot: Throw grenades, you can also load up to 6 grenades if you keep the secondary fire button.

6-Flack Cannon

It is a short-medium range weapon, like a shotgun

- First shoot: Shoot fragments of shrapnel, ideal for short distances.

-Second shoot: Throw a grenade that upon impact, will leave fragments of shrapnel, can cause serious damage to the opponent. Ideal for shooting in height.


It is a weapon that releases blade discs

-Primer shoot: Throws cutting discs horizontally, can produce "headshots" if pointed at the neck.

-Second shoot: Similar to the 1st shot, however, the disks travel vertically and follow the player's sight.

8-GES Biorifle

Launches a corrosive gel, which does a lot of damage

-Primer shoot: It ejects gel that can adhere to the walls, effective to create traps.

-Second shoot: Charge the explosive gel, then throw a large one, can kill instantly.

9-Sniper Rifle

A conventional sniper rifle

- First shoot: Normal rifle shoot.

-Second shoot: Activate the gun sight, useful to aim at the opponent's head.


A rotating, powerful and fast machine gun

- First shoot: Shoot a constant burst of bullets, very accurate.

-Second shoot: Shoots twice as fast, effective at close range, but consumes too much ammo.


1-Assault Rifle

A powerful enough assault rifle, ideal to kill the enemy fast

- First shoot: Shoot a constant burst of bullets, very accurate, but burning the ammunition too fast.

-Second shoot: Shoot an explosive bullet, which can be effective when combined with the 1st shot.

2-Missile Launcher

A conventional missile launcher

- First shoot: Launches missiles, very fast.

-Second shoot: Shoot a slow missile that can be guided using the mouse.

3-Grenade Launcher

A conventional grenade launcher

- First shoot: Throw grenades, detonate if they make contact with an enemy or after a few seconds.

-Second shoot: Throw a grenade that can be detonated whenever you want.

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