About me and about this project

I have always enjoyed playing Unreal a lot, in the community my name is Osiris, and I wanted to bring this interesting proposal: Help new players understand the game a little better, tips ... objects, enemies, etc.

My first steps in Unreal

I started when I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember that I had a Pentium 3 and I remember that they also lent me a demo of Unreal ... I did not know what was going to change in my tastes about videogames. I spent the first time the campaign on the difficulty higher than the easy, I think it was the "Media" (Ready for some action!). Then after that, I bought the physical edition (and I think that well inverted) of my whole life. I looked into the other game modes and I saw that you could play against Bots (Robots) ... I gave in easy, I'm not going to lie to you. Then after a while, I left the game until after 11 years, which I remembered him and decided to download it. I discovered the Online mode and well ... here you have me :)

¿What do I intend with this?

Easy, as I said, help others to understand this wonderful universe of Unreal, along with the Tournament! but that is already another type of Unreal, focused rather on the competition and I only show you what I know, so take advantage and give Unreal a chance.

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