2º DeathMatch mode


This, together with the cooperative mode, the most widely played.

Whether for fun or to compete against other players, the DeathMatch mode will allow us to demonstrate our skills against a Bot or Bots / Robots (offline mode in official maps), which ranges from the easiest difficulty to the Unreal mode (which is the harder) or against real people around the world.

Image: Map Deck16 (it's the most played map)

Tips for DeathMatch games:

1-Always go in constant motion, never stop, as you could be quickly annihilated.

2-Have always defined a pattern of weapons established by you (from weapons that you use the most to those that you least use, and assign them to the quick key, which is in the options of the game).

3-If you press A, W, S, or D twice (any of the above), you will make a quick dodge, useful for most direct bouts that will help you dodge better.

4-Look for points of weakness of weapons, example:

* An ASMD weapon ball will disintegrate if it crosses an Eightball rocket ...

* The GES Biorifle weapon will not be useful if you wear your opponent or put an anti toxin suit ...

5-Before a game against people Online, practice against a group of bots (generally put a bout by teams of 2 vs 1 in the difficulty that you choose and in the map that you choose)

6-Before fighting, seek protection.

Map: DmAriza

Map: DmRadikus

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